• Nathan Aswell Concerts in Support of Seva Canada

    31 December

    Creating and performing music that inspires and heals in Nathan's calling. He feels it a privilege to serve people with his "conscious pop" music in any way that he can.

    A portion of all of Nathan's CD Sales goes to Seva Canada.

    To see when and where Nathan's next performance is see his calendar or visit his website for more information.

    12:00pm Various Times and Locations
  • Nicola Wealth Mangement presents Motown Meltdown

    20 March

    A Night of Music & Dancing in Support of Sight!

    Making you move since 2003! From Motown to Memphis, New York and Beyond! Motown Meltdown was an unforgettable evening of soul, rhythm and blues that got everybody moving. 28 hot-shot Canadian vocalists, backed by a scorching 12-piece band each brought style and flavour to their own solo tune!

    7:00pm to 11:00pm Commodore Ballroom, 868 Granville Street, Vancouver
  • Seva Madagascar Donor Trip

    11 October

    Madagascar is truly the lost continent. With picturesque white sand beaches that stretch for thousands of kilometres, virgin rainforest packed with some of the densest endemic wildlife on the planet, marine parks that challenge even the best the world has to offer, Madagascar is Mother Nature’s dream come true. On this 18 day adventure you’ll see towering baobabs, singing lemurs, rice paddies snuggled against hillsides, deep canyons carved into peculiar shapes, mist-enshrouded rainforest, bustling markets and ruined palaces. This is small slice of paradise.

    12:00am Antsirabe, Andasibe, Toamasina, Amber Mountain, Ankarana, Nosy Be