Blindness is a global health problem causing untold suffering and costing the world billions annually. But this is a solvable problem. 29 million people could see tomorrow if only they had access to eye care. Your gift today gives the power of sight and changes lives forever.

Help Those in Greatest Need - Any amount

Choose to give any amount you like to provide eye care for those in greatest need. With this gift you are restoring sight and preventing blindness in some of the poorest regions of the world through training, surgery, glasses, medicine and outreach. We will put your gift to work where it is needed most.

Restore a Child's Sight

Help children see with sight-restoring surgery or prescription glasses. Children who have their vision restored are given an average of 50 years of sight, allowing them to go to school, play with friends and grow up to lead healthy and productive lives.                                 

Prescription Glasses for 5 Children $25

Help 5 children see. Five pairs of glasses will bring their world into focus so they can enjoy healthy vision for life.

Eye Screening in Orphanages & Schools $50

Diagnose and treat children with eye problems early to ensure they have healthy vision for life.

Restore the Eyesight of a Child $150

Cure a child's blindness with cataract surgery including a lens implant. Follow-up care is provided along with glasses, medications and transportation.

Restore an Adult's Sight

Help adults see - give the power of sight to some of the most marginalized and isolated people in the developing world so they can live independent and productive lives.

Provide Medicine to Prevent Blindness$15

Prevent a lifetime of blindness by supplying eye drops to treat infections.


Prescription Glasses for 5 Adults$25

Help 5 people see. Five pairs of glasses will bring the world into focus and transform people's lives.


Restore the Eyesight of an Adult$50

Help a blind person see with a 15-minute operation including a lens implant, post-op care, medications and transportation.

Empower Women and Girls

Two out of three of the world's blind are women and girls. In developing countries, women and girls are far less likely to have access to eye care services because of the barriers they face. From lack of education and financial resources, to limited decision-making power, Seva Canada and our donors help women and girls overcome these barriers.

Train A Female Eye Care Advocate$50

Train a village woman to become a community eye care advocate who identifies, counsels and refers community members to local eye care services.

Help Women and Girls See$100

With this gift you are supporting community-based programs that help women and girls get the eye care they need and deserve.

Train an Eye Care Worker

Train local people at every level of eye care so they can serve their own people now and into the future.

Ophthalmic Nurse Training$100

Help train an ophthalmic nurse to provide basic eye care to a community. With this knowledge they will be able to diagnose and treat 90% of all eye conditions.

Community Field Worker Training $100

Assist in training a community field worker who finds people with blindness and eye disease and help them get to the hospital for care.

Cataract Surgeon Training$250

Create a sustainable eye care program for generations to come by helping train a local eye surgeon to do thousands of cataract operations per year.