When Zomme was 55 years old she had been blind for 5 years due to bilateral cataracts, trapped in her small, isolated village in rural Tibet.

With 13 family members, including 4 grandchildren, she had become a burden to her family, needing constant help with life's most basic tasks.

For 5 years, without knowing that there was treatment, she could not travel, nor could she contribute to her household.

Worse still, she had missed seeing the precious early years of her grandchildren growing up.

One day her daughter heard about a Seva eye camp from a friend. She decided to take her mother on horseback, hoping for the chance to restore her mother's sight.

Zomme was examined on her arrival day and was quickly diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Thankfully, she was a good candidate for surgical treatment. Zomme and her daughter were ecstatic.

Over the course of four days, she received surgery on her right eye, and then the left. Each surgery took just 15 minutes but promised a lifetime of good vision.

On the fifth day, Zomme and her daughter were cheerfully reading the "E" chart. She had very good results.

Zomme said that she was having a hard time adjusting because she never expected she would see the world again. "What happened in these few days was a miracle! I can't wait to help take care of my four grandchildren!"

"What happened in these few days was a miracle! I can't wait to help take care of my four grandchildren!"
Tibet Grandmother Seva Canada


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