Estefany is an 8-year old girl who lives in a two-room wooden house with her three brothers, father and stepmother.

For years she had trouble with her eyes, suffering from a condition that made her look different from the other children. She was treated very badly, not only by her peers at school, but also by members of her family because of her  appearance. Her parents took her to a local clinic but they could not afford the treatment she was offered because her father, who is a farmer, makes less than $8 a day. Her stepmother, a maid, makes even less.

Guatemala Sight Story 1

Estefany before surgery

One day, she was brought to Visualiza Eye Care System, Seva’s partner in Guatemala. During the visit she was diagnosed with both strabismus (squint) and ptosis (drooping eyelid). This time, treatment was within reach, thanks to Visualisa’s unique pricing structure in which those who can afford to pay subsidize the care of those who cannot.

Estefany first had surgery for strabismus and the next week she had surgery for the ptosis. The surgery has helped Estefany’s self-esteem greatly, as she no longer has to deal with the pain of being called “ugly”. She does much better with in school and can see very well. Her beautiful, joyous smile speaks volumes.

Guatemala Sight Story 1

Estefany after surgery.

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