Lamsi Maya Rai married the love of her life Dev Bhadur Rai when they were just 16 years old. Together, they raised 6 daughters until Dev passed away.

Rather than be alone, 83-year-old Lamsi moved in with her youngest daughter’s family, helping to raise her 3 grandchildren. She would take care of the home, prepares meals, and do laundry while her daughter and son-in-law worked on the farm.

Lamsi with her daughter and son-in-law

Lamsi, her daughter and son-in-law prior to surgery

That all stopped 3 years ago when Lamsi began to go blind. She could no longer do the most basic tasks on her own and fell off the veranda many times injuring herself. Last year, while listening to the radio she heard of an upcoming eye screening and surgical camp near her village. Excited about the possibility of seeing again, she got on a bus to travel to the eye camp only to get so nauseous from motion sickness that she returned home deflated. Being blind was just going to be her lot in life she thought.

Less than a year later, another Seva-supported eye camp was being promoted over the radio and her daughter and son-in-law decided that she must go. They carried Lamsi on their backs and walked for 3.5 days in the hope that she would be able to see again.

At the outreach screening Lamsi was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes and received sight-restoring surgery. When the bandages were removed, she couldn’t contain her excitement and gratitude. She could see again!

Lamsi after eye surgery

A grateful Lamsi after surgery

Lamsi was incredibly thankful to her daughter and son-in-law for carrying her the entire way there and to the surgical team and Seva donors for giving her the power of sight. When asked what she was most excited about, Lamsi replied “Now I won’t have any problems managing the household work and taking care of my grandchildren but mostly, I will no longer be a burden to my family.”

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