Sailo Tamang and his wife Kanchhi live together in a small, rural village in northeastern Nepal. They have been married for 45 years and raised 2 sons. Together, they have faced many hardships from having their home destroyed by a landslide to surviving an earthquake.

As they got older, they faced a new challenge. Over the past few years, both Sailo and Kanchhi steadily lost their vision. The couple found it hard to do daily chores and take care of themselves.  Sailo, whose vision was slightly better, took care of his wife but found it increasingly difficult as his own vision continued to fade. The couple felt helpless, as they believed that their vision loss was due to old age and could not be treated.

Sailo and Kanchhi before their surgeries

Sailo and Kanchhi when they arrived at the eye camp together

Fortunately, a Seva-sponsored eye camp came to their remote village and Sailo attended out of curiosity. At the screening, he noticed that people with vision problems similar to his were being told their conditions could be treated. Excited about the possibility of regaining his vision, Sailo agreed to be screened.

He was diagnosed with cataract and  referred for surgery. Upon hearing the news, Sailo immediately went home to Kanchi and brought her to the eye camp. She too was diagnosed with cataract and thanks to the generosity of Seva Canada donors, both husband and wife received sight-restoring surgery free of charge.

Sailo and Kanchhi

Sailo and Kanchhi after their sight-restoring surgeries

After their bandages were removed, Sailo and Kanchhi saw each other for the first time in years. The two smiled, knowing that their love had endured and overcome hardship once again. They would now be able to live healthy, independent lives and enjoy each other’s company for years to come.  

As they left the eye camp hand in hand, Sailo and Kanchhi expressed their gratitude to the generous Seva Canada donors who gave them the power of sight.

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Give the gift of sight in honour of your loved one this Valentine’s Day. We’ll send them a beautiful card to let them know the impact of their gift on the lives of people like Sailo and Kanchhi.

*In order for the card to arrive in time for Valentine's Day, please make your donation by Wednesday, February 7th. Donate online or by calling 1-877-460-6622 toll free.

Photos from this campaign

  • Sailo and Kanchhi before their surgeries
  • Sailo and Kanchhi
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