Seva donors like you transformed the lives of La Sung and Im Sung

La Sung had one wish - to see the face of her very first grandchild.

But for several years, she’d been having trouble with her vision. Gradually her sight became so blurry that she could no longer work and her younger children began taking turns staying home from school to care for her. 

La SungThen the village leader told La’s father, who was also losing his sight, about an upcoming Seva eye camp. Father and daughter travelled to the nearby village of Prek Sromoch, Cambodia to attend.

At the eye camp, La was diagnosed with pterygium – a painful growth over the cornea – and Im was diagnosed with cataract. 

The power of sight means so much more than good vision. It means a life of independence, productivity, and fulfillment. 

Im SungThanks to the generosity of donors like you, an ophthalmologist performed sight-restoring surgeries on both of them. When their bandages were removed, they could each see each other for the first time in years. Now that La’s vision is restored, she can see her beloved new grandchild. She has gone back to work and her younger kids have gone back to school. And her father isn’t afraid to leave the house anymore.     
                                       Give the Power of Sight
Right now, there are 29 million people around the world living with treatable blindness. That’s 29 million people who could go back to work or school, who would no longer need to rely on a caregiver, who could help lift themselves out of poverty – if only they had access to the eye care they need and deserve. 

You can invest in the potential of people. When you give the power of sight, you also give access to education, employment and the foundation for a better life. Your donation will provide eye care to those who need it most, restoring their sight and their hope for the future. 
  • $25 will help 5 people see with 5 pairs of prescription glasses

  • $50 will restore the eyesight of an adult through life-changing cataract or other surgery

  • $100 will help screen an entire community for eye disease

  • $100 will fund community-based programs that help women and girls get the eye care they need

  • $150 will cure a child’s blindness through cataract surgery including follow-up care, medicine, and glasses

  • $250 will train a local eye surgeon to do thousands of eye surgeries per year

                                             Give the Power of Sight
            La Sung

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