Chuun Ty and his wife Keam Nun are farmers from a rural village in Cambodia. They have been married for 37 years and have 3 grown children.

Last year, Chuun Ty noticed the vision in his right eye getting blurry. Within a few months, he had to stop working and began to rely on his wife to take care of him. Keam Nun, who had received sight-restoring cataract surgery several years prior, encouraged her husband to seek treatment. At first, Chuun Ty was nervous about the possibility of eye surgery. But with his loving wife’s reassurance, he agreed to visit a Seva-sponsored screening camp, and the couple walked for an hour to reach one in a nearby village. 

At the screening camp Chuun Ty was diagnosed with cataract and became nervous about going to the eye hospital for treatment. Keam Nun reassured her husband once again, and the couple was transported for free to the nearby Seva-supported eye hospital where Chuun Ty received sight-restoring surgery. The next day after his bandage was removed, Chuun Ty opened his eyes and declared “I can see, I can see! My wife, she is so beautiful!”

“I can see, I can see! My wife, she is so beautiful!”

Kean Nun knew firsthand the joy of restored vision and was thrilled that her husband could see again. She expressed her gratitude to the Seva Canada donors who provided them both with the eye care they so desperately needed.

When people can see, they can take better care of their health, contribute to their communities and help lift themselves and their families out of poverty. 

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