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Edina's story



When she was just 40 years old, Edina developed cataracts, causing her to lose sight in both eyes. Her family was forced to close their restaurant business because she could no longer work, and Edina had to rely on her husband and son to care for her.

35 years ago, before Seva Canada, Edina would be facing a difficult future. Because she lives in a remote community in Tanzania, she wouldn’t have had access to vision screening or known that her condition was treatable. Even if she was aware, she wouldn’t have been able to travel to the hospital or pay for care because she is too poor.

Thanks to donations from supporters like you, we can break down barriers to accessing eye care and ensure the power of sight is within everyone’s reach.

For Edina, everything changed when she heard about a Seva-sponsored screening camp in a nearby village. Her husband led her through the jungle surrounding their home, carefully crossing a river to reach the site. After being examined by the local eye care team, it was determined that Edina had treatable cataracts. 

Thanks to the generosity of donors like you, Edina was diagnosed with cataracts, referred for surgery, and transported to the hospital where she received sight-restoring cataract surgery.  

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Now, Edina's future is full of potential

Now, Edina’s future is full of potential. She is no longer confined to her home and doesn’t require constant care. Her son can focus on school and Edina can help her husband reopen their beloved restaurant. Today, the family can thrive.

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Help someone like Edina

Edina is just one example of how, with your support, we are reaching the unreached. But we aren’t done yet. Of the 36 million people worldwide who are blind, 29 million could see today and are still waiting for help.

By breaking down barriers to access, you can ensure the power of sight is within everyone’s reach. Transform the life of someone like Edina and donate today.


Photos from this campaign

  • Close up of Edina with visible cataracts
  • Edina in scrubs with worried expression sitting and waiting for her cataract operation
  • Edina with other patients after surgery with bandage over her right eye
  • Edina standing with husband and smiling after surgery
  • Seva infographic