In a remote area of Tibet there was a man named Sunga who had 4 daughters and all of them were blind from cataract. The father faced a heartbreaking decision; he could only afford to bring 3 of the girls to the Seva eye camp. The youngest daughter insisted that her older sisters go to get treatment, but once left home alone, she broke down and wept. 3 Tibetan sisters after eye testing

Upon learning that there was another blind daughter, Seva staff member Dr. Sonam Dradup hired a motorcycle to travel the 75km to find her and bring her to the camp. Dr. Sonam Dradup motorcycle

The motorcycle Dr. Sonam Dradup hired

At the Seva eye camp, all 4 sisters received cataract surgery. Though saddened that they never saw the face of their mother who passed away in 1994, nothing could take the smiles off their faces or the hope they felt for the first time in their lives. 3 of the sisters after surgery Sunga and his 4 daughters after cataract surgery

Sunga and his 4 daughters after cataract surgery


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