by Andrea Recinos, Visualiza Eye Care System 

Gaby walking in the front door of the Visualiza clinic

Gaby Enters Visualiza

Last week, Gaby, a 3-year old came to the Visualiza clinic to fulfill her dream. She is struggling with an aggressive stage 4 cancer.  A foundation called El Poder De Una Illusion, grants dying children their last wish.  Gaby’s wish and dream was to be a doctor. If life would have allowed her, she would have liked to be a doctor and help people. 

Gaby with a play stethoscope

The entire clinic staff bought a gift for Gaby, we had a uniform for her and Dr. Mariano Yee gave his permission for her to join him in the operating room (OR) for a few minutes. Gaby felt very welcomed and she acted very strong and mature in the OR, she was able to see part of a surgical procedure and not even for a second was she scared by the blood. Her expression was of complete happiness the entire time. 

Gaby meeting with the surgeons and seeing their equipment

Gaby in the OR

At the end of her visit, before leaving Visualiza, Gaby’s mother said to all of us “Thank you so much for giving Gaby the best moment ever, this is the first time I see her smile in so long time.” The woman who accompanied them from the Foundation said something that I personally will have written on my heart forever, she said, “Who writes on a child's soul, writes forever.”  I want to thank all of the wonderful people who I have met since I have worked here at Visualiza, it has allowed me to enrich my soul and my heart.   Every day has its own magic, but living these types of experiences has demonstrated to me that all human beings are precious and that I’m really a blessed person.

Keep on Smiling, Andrea

Gaby with Visualiza staff


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