One in three students in the Tibetan Areas of China needs eyeglasses. Only one in 25 need glasses in Africa. Imagine a classroom full of students but only two-thirds can see what the teacher is writing on the chalkboard. Students just like Dolkar.

One in three students in the Tibetan Areas of China need eyeglasses.

Dolkar is a 16-year-old Tibetan girl in her first year of high school. She used to be a great student, but Dolkar was having trouble taking notes during class because she couldn’t see the blackboard. Every day, she waited until after class to get up close to the board and take her notes, most of the time staying at school quite late by herself. “I always felt that taking notes afterward was just taking up so much of my time, and I often ended up staying up very late to finish my homework,” said Dolkar.

All Dolkar needed was a pair of glasses. She used to have glasses, which she purchased from an optical shop in Shigatse 2 years before, but unfortunately, they had been broken for some time.

When asked if she ever thought of getting another pair of glasses, she answered “Yes, I thought about it, but my class schedule was tight and getting another pair of glasses meant that I had to take at least 3 days off from my school to travel to a nearby town to get my vision checked and get a pair of glasses.”

Dolkar, a Tibetan student in her school uniform having an eye examination done while wearing green glasses

Dolkar during her eye exam

Luckily for Dolkar, and many other students just like her, Seva donors helped fund an eye screening at her school and provide glasses. All the students who never had a chance to make the long trip to town could now see with their new glasses, giving them the opportunity to succeed in school and get a better education.

With her new glasses, Dolkar was happy to be able to take notes during class and use the time after school to do her homework, help her family with chores, have fun with her friends and go to bed earlier. She is confident that her grades will improve this year and she will be a more successful student.

Thanks to generous donors like you, girls like Dolkar can attend school and break the cycle of poverty for their entire family.

Donate today to provide vital eye screenings to children in need like Dolkar.

For just $25 you can provide glasses for 5 children and give them clearer vision and a brighter future.

A $50 gift can provide an eye screening in a school or orphanage to diagnose and treat children with eye problems early and ensure they have healthy vision for life.

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