Ana Caracaleanu

Anna Caracaleanu, Amevie's founder.

Amevie, a Canadian brand that designs bamboo sunglasses, has recently partnered with Seva Canada to provide children in low-income countries with prescription glasses through a buy–one-give-one program. "Even before I launched the business, I knew I wanted to tie-in my success with a charity endeavor. There is no greater satisfaction than that of helping others" says Amevie founder, Ana Caracaleanu.

"I started the business because of my own fight with a condition that makes me sensitive to the sun's ultra-violet (UV) rays. And when my mother was diagnosed with advanced cataract and almost went blind due to improper protection from the same UV rays, I knew that the first product I had to develop was sunglasses. At the same time, I wanted to work with a charity that helped others suffering from blindness, and Seva was the obvious fit. "

So far, Amevie has helped 75 children see clearly with new prescription glasses! Visit for sunglasses that give back.

Leanne Ellis

Leanne Ellis
Leanne Ellis has been a volunteer and supporter of charities since she was a young girl. She first got involved with Seva Canada 10 years ago after a dear friend sent her a Gift of Sight card for her birthday. Leanne, an artist, sells her artwork locally in her hometown of Calgary, as well as online, and donates a portion of the proceeds to Seva.

“Knowing that my artwork will help someone see motivates me to create more art, which in turn helps create a better world for people in developing countries - it comes full circle. I hope others will consider supporting this worthwhile charity as well- people's lives are changed through generosity!”

Leanne Ellis' painting,

Deerly Beloved by Leanne Ellis

To date, Leanne has raised over $5,300 for Seva. That’s enough to restore the sight of 106 people! Check out Leanne’s beautiful artwork on Etsy:

Chris Semenick

Chris Semenick's dahlias

Chris' boquets for sale out front of her house in Comox, BC

Chris Semenick grows dozens of varieties of dahlias in her garden in Comox, BC. Two years ago, she decided to use them to spread happiness and restore sight by selling bouquets, called ‘Bouquets of Happiness x 3’ in front of her house with proceeds going to Seva Canada.

"I have friends and relatives that have lost their sight to one degree or another and know it can profoundly affect a person’s quality of life. Being able to help restore someone's sight is a privilege. I appreciate the work that Seva does delivering services where there are none, especially in two countries that I have spent time in: Nepal and Guatemala.”

colourful dahlias

Close up of Chris' beautiful dahlia boquets

Chris’ green thumb and generosity have given the power of sight to 30 people. She has recently expanded her garden and is looking forward to creating many more Bouquets of Happiness x 3!

Michael Rennie

Michael Rennie

Michael Rennie

Michael Rennie is a new Seva Canada donor who knows first-hand the profound and immediate impact eye care can have on someone's life. After undergoing two successful cataract operations covered by Canadian Medicare in 2016, Michael decided to pay it forward.

“I was so happy with the results that I wanted to share my good fortune with people in low-income countries who are unable to afford such life-changing surgery. As a public finance policy professional most of my working life, I naturally value accountability and cost-effectiveness.”

On researching international eye health charities, Michael learned that Seva Canada received a 4-Star Rating from Charity Intelligence. Based on this rating, The Financial Post selected Seva as one of the top eight international charities, and one of the top 23 Canadian charities overall for 2017.

“Along with the excellent work Seva does, that was enough for me confidently to allocate my donation to Seva”.

Thanks to Michael’s generosity, 30 people in low-income countries can receive life-changing cataract surgery. 

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