Aimable and Nelly’s Story

Aimable and Nelly before surgery

Nelly and Aimable before surgery


Aimable, age 4 and Nelly, age 8 are a brother and sister from a rural village in Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world. They live with their parents and four other siblings in a simple hut. The family farms a small patch of land to feed themselves and make ends meet.

Last August, their mother noticed Aimable was having trouble with his vision. When she heard about a Seva-sponsored screening camp in a nearby village, she took him to have his eyes checked.

At the screening, Aimable was diagnosed with cataract. The ophthalmologist showed his mother the milky white clouding in the lens of his left eye. Later at home, she examined the rest of her children and saw the same clouding in both of Nelly’s eyes. Perhaps this was why she had been struggling in school? After another visit to the screening camp, Nelly was also diagnosed with cataracts.

Aimable and Nelly with bandages over their eyes

Aimable and Nelly after receiving surgery

Thanks to the generosity of Seva Canada donors, Aimable and Nelly both received life-changing cataract surgery and can now see again. Aimable is a happy little boy, bursting with energy. Nelly is back at school and has discovered a love of reading. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.

Help Girls like Nelly See

While this story has a happy ending for both kids, not all girls are as fortunate as Nelly. Right now, 2 out of 3 of the world’s children living with blindness are girls. Your support will help ensure girls like Nelly have equal access to eye care and receive the surgery, glasses and medicine so many of them need.

Give today to ensure an equal right to sight and help girls see.



Photo of Aimable and Nelly

Nelly and Aimable after receiving sight-restoring surgery.

Photos from this campaign

  • Photo of Aimable and Nelly
  • Aimable and Nelly with bandages over their eyes
  • Aimable and Nelly before surgery