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    Atlas Pots is a leading designer and retailer of contemporary planters. Since 2006, Atlas Pots has been offering high-quality, durable, stylish planters to transform any space into something beautiful. We love helping people create their own tranquil green spaces! Our passion extends beyond design and gardening, and the wonderful options that planters provide.

    Making life better for others is a driving force for us at Atlas Pots. Seva Canada has a special place in our hearts for its eye care programs, and for its work to prevent curable blindness amongst some of the poorest populations. This incredible work is a first step to ensure that children continue to go to school, adults can continue to work, and that no one is left in isolation due to preventable vision problems.

  • Established in 1995, Assante has since become one of the largest Canadian professional services firms in wealth management. The company supports over 750 advisors who oversee $28 billion in assets for 300,000 clients and their families nationwide.

    Assante’s parent company, CI Financial Corp (CI), is a diversified wealth management firm. Since its founding over 40 years ago, CI has grown into one of Canada’s largest independent investment fund companies.

    Together, Assante and CI Investments generously support Seva Canada’s work through annual donations and special event sponsorships.

  • Clearly, Canada’s biggest online eyewear retailer, believes that everyone deserves to see. As part of their Mission to eliminate poor vision, they’re dedicated to making eyewear affordable,  so financial barriers don’t block anyone from getting the eyewear they need; making eye health accessible, so it’s easy for people across all backgrounds to get the vision correction that allows them to live to their full potential; and raising awareness about the importance of vision, so everyone can take care of their eyes today and look forward to an amazing view tomorrow. 

    Clearly is proud to partner with Seva Canada through ongoing initiatives that raise proceeds towards restoring sight and bringing vital vision care services to people in need.  

  • The idea for GROWN and the GROWN VISION™ project was developed in the winter of 2010 by a passionate group of surfers and water dogs along the beaches of Byron Bay, Australia. The idea was simple: to design, produce and provide original, organic and sustainable wooden eyewear that looks great and 'does good.'

    After crafting some early prototypes, they decided that to be truly proud of this, they needed to be sustainable and environmentally responsible before all else, and use only materials that reflect these principles. The team began to create a socially responsible business model that would allow them to do what they love while redistributing profits towards funding meaningful and life-changing efforts.

    GROWN decided to support Seva Canada's Gift of Sight program. For every pair of glasses sold, Grown funds eyesight testing for 12 children. For every four pairs of glasses sold, Grown funds one sight restoration surgery.

  • MOSH framemakers create hand crafted, artisanal, bespoke eyeglass frames in their store and factory in stylish Gastown, downtown Vancouver, BC. Sara Moshurchak, the Head Honcho, Design Guru and Style Wizard is only one of three women in the world handcrafting frames like this. 

    MOSH Framemakers strongly believes in giving back, fostering positive relationships with local and global communities. Vision is a passion MOSH shares with Seva Canada, and recognizes the importance of quality eye care. MOSH is proud to support Seva’s initiatives in eliminating avoidable blindness and developing exceptional eye care programs that improve the quality of life for those living without sight.

  • Nicola Wealth Management is a firm built on the idea of business owners helping other business owners. Their history of entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and growth is a large part of their success and ability to understand the needs of individuals and their families.

    In 2001, Nicola Wealth Management founded the NWM Private Giving Foundation (PGF) to help individuals and families realize their philanthropic goals. Seva Canada is very grateful to be the recipient from several donor-advised funds through the NWM Private Giving Foundation.

    Nicola Wealth Management is also the title sponsor of Seva Canada’s signature fundraising event, Motown Meltdown.

  • Paperblanks® is a Vancouver-based company that produces the most exquisite writing journals on the planet.

    The company has donated thousands of beautiful journals to Seva Canada to be sold in support of our eye care programs, raising thousands of dollars and restoring sight to countless people around the world.

    Currently, a wide range of Paperblanks journals is available in the Seva Vancouver office or online. Journals are on sale for half-price with no tax. One hundred per cent of the proceeds go to support Seva's programs overseas.

  • Our mission at SIPCO is to create innovative solutions for a healthier planet. But achieving a healthier planet also requires healthier people. As part of our values, the SIPCO team strives to be Socially responsible in the way we operate and interact with others while maintaining the Integrity to simply do what is right. Our Partnership with Seva Canada has allowed us to further achieve our Commitment to take care of the environment and people around us and provide others with the Opportunity to achieve their full potential.