• Ellen Crystal

    Inspired by a year-long trip through the Middle East with just a point-and-shoot camera, Ellen Crystal returned to Canada and dove into photography. Passionate about travel and humanitarian work, Ellen uses her camera as a tool for storytelling. In recent years, she has photographed for Seva in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nepal, Madagascar and Tanzania, and her photos are helping to start conversations, generate funding, and tell the story of Seva’s impact. As a photographer with full vision in only one eye, she feels particularly connected to Seva’s mission. Ellen specializes in documentary photography and editorial portraiture, and her photos have been published in local and international publications. Ellen lives on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Brian Harris

    Brian Harris has produced some of Seva Canada's most iconic images. His longtime involvement with the organization has opened many doors into new communities of supporters. Brian has used his award-winning photography and project management skills to raise funds and awareness for Seva Canada. The Tibetan Voices Project, India Eye to Eye Exhibition, Himalayan Visions and Beauty & Transformations multimedia shows each arose from his desire to support the people and traditions that inspire him. Brian began his lifelong pursuit and interest in photographing traditional cultures when he traveled to Mount Athos, Greece and then to Jerusalem at the age of 21. Subsequent trips have taken him to Tibet, Thailand, China, Korea, Sikkim, Nepal and India.

  • Dr. Larry Louie

    Dr. Larry Louie and his wife, Joanna Wong, have been incredibly supportive of Seva's work. An Edmonton-based optometrist and international award-winning photographer, Dr. Larry Louise uses his compelling, world-class photographs to raise awareness and funds for Seva's work. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Edmonton, Larry was educated as a doctor of optometry and now divides his time between his practice and his art. His work has received international recognition, with honours including an IPA - Lucie Award, a National Geographic photo essay award, and the Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3) People’s Choice Award. Dr. Larry Louie has also compiled two books showcasing beautiful photographs of Tibet and Nepal; 100% of the proceeds from these books are donated to Seva Canada and used to restore sight and prevent blindness in both countries. Books are available only through Blurb.

  • Jon Kaplan

    Jon Kaplan is an award-winning photographer who has been taking pictures since the day his father handed him a Polaroid camera when he was just six years old. His passion for the art of photography has taken him from the edge of the Sahara Desert to the highlands of Guatemala. It has taught him the simple beauty and true power of family and community in even the humblest of settings. His work has been published in both national and international magazines including The New York Times, The New Yorker and Camera Arts. Jon currently divides his time between his first love, the developing world, and his home in the Bay Area. Jon's stunning portraits grace almost every page of the Seva website as well as our annual Gift of Sight catalogue. Seva supporters can also enjoy his captivating photographs in our calendars and our greeting cards. 

  • Other Photographers

    We are also extremely grateful to all of the following photographers who so generously share their talents to help tell the Seva story through their images: Parto Banerjee, Ken Bassett, Madeleine Bassett, Deanne Berman, Geoff Oliver Bugbee, Johannes Burge, Dolma Chugi, Paul Courtright, Aaron Cumming, Ellen Crystal, Rachel Cushing, David de Wit, Susan Erdmann, Rob Forbes, Rocque Goh, Karl Grobl, Gary Hahn, Barbara Hannah, David Hardouin, Diane Hardouin, Linda Harth, Tony Kozlowski, Janette Lindley, Susan Lindley, Penny Lyons, Matt Marek, Peter Mortifee, Deborah Moses, Peter Nash, Paolo Patruno, John Pratt-Johnson, Mae Pratt-Johnson, Amy Sherts, Mark Sissons, Marty Spencer, Laura Spencer, Nicole Spencer, Kunga Tashi, Jo-Ann Turford, Andrea Weckman, Pearl Wierenga.