Sweat for Sight

Get Sweaty and Give the Power of Sight!

What is Sweat for Sight?

Sweat for Sight is a multi-faceted event in support of Seva Canada, held around October 11, 2018 in celebration of World Sight Day. World Sight Day is an annual day of awareness focusing on blindness and visual impairment.

Studios, gyms, individuals, and teams across Canada can show their support by holding a fitness-inspired or exercise-inspired fundraiser or dedicating a fitness class to getting sweaty and restoring sight.​

Ways to Get Involved

If you are a studio or gym:

  • Hold a by-donation class and Sweat for Sight
  • Rebrand an existing class and donate proceeds to Seva’s eye care programs

If you are an individual or team:

  1. Organize an event (hike, bike ride, etc.)
  2. Set up a fundraising page on Seva Canada’s website to raise money: http://bit.ly/2LLCPpC
  3. Let your network know what you’re doing to raise money for Seva and ask for their support

A little goes a long way! Raising just $50 can transform an adult’s life through a sight-restoring cataract surgery.

Learn more in our Information Package and our Getting Started Kit

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Need more inspiration? See what participants did last year: https://seva.ca/events/sweat-sight

We'd be happy to promote your activities online and in our newsletter, just let us know what you are up to! We will also provide photos, stories and whatever else you need.


  • Amy Diehl Personal Training logo
    Amy Diehl is a Kinesiology graduate from UBC with a thorough background in the fields of both personal training as well as active rehabilitation. She has worked with athletes of all ages and fitness levels as well as rehabilitated both acute and chronic issues in a therapy setting. She is a strong believer of healing through motion and applies this belief when working with clients in order to help them achieve the best results.
  • Bar Method Logo

    The Bar Method will donate $5 per person attending a special class on October 11th. 

    The Bar Method® is a one-hour, non-impact total body workout. Our signature technique is the most efficient way to reshape the entire body. Precise isometric exercises keep students working “in the muscle,” followed by active and passive stretching to lengthen and elongate the targeted muscles. The result is a graceful, strong dancer-like body, including sculpted arms, flat abs, a lifted seat and elongated thighs, as well as improved posture and body alignment. The fast pace of the class spikes the heart rate at different intervals to burn calories not just in the classroom, but long after. Students see remarkable results within just a few weeks. Men and women are welcome!

  • BEFIT logo

    BEFIT will be matching all donations received in support for Sweat for Sight on October 11th.

    Fall in love with fitness with our award winning functionally progressive fat loss workouts for all levels. BEFIT is where you receive that personal training experience at an affordable bootcamp rate. Our sessions go above and beyond what is seen in typical group training and resemble personal training workouts with the fantastic energy of a group setting being led by highly skilled performance coaches.

  • Curves Logo

    Curves Kilsilano will host a Zumba in the Circuit class on October 13th at 10:30am.

    The Curves workout is convenient, combining strength training and cardio activity plus stretching – all in just 30 minutes – to strengthen your whole body. By getting stronger and increasing your flexibility, you are setting the stage for a healthier, more active future so you can live the life you want. We’re committed to ensuring every woman has the support they need to achieve their goals.

  • Embody Pilates logo

    Embody Pilates is donating the proceeds of their Pilates Props Mat class on October 18th at 6:30.

    If you’re looking to gain a strong & supple body, improve athletic performance, recover from an injury, or become the amazing teacher you desire to be, then Embody Pilates Studio is the perfect place for you! Our goal is for you to have a fantastic experience at our studio. All teachers are comprehensively trained graduates from our accredited and vocationally Licensed College of Classical Pilates. Our gorgeous 3100 sq ft Mountain view studio is fully equipped with everything you need to succeed. You just need to arrive ready to learn and move amongst a vibrant community of people who are there to support and encourage each other.

  • Fit Body Boot Camp logo

    On October 11th, all sessions (2 in Marpole, 8 in Kitsilano) will be by-donation with proceeds going to Seva. 

    Kitsilano and Vancouver Fit Body Boot Camp is a results driven and energetic fitness and fat loss workout program that includes motivation, accountability and dynamic resistance training; all designed to get you the body that you want in a safe, fun and non-intimidating atmosphere. Every workout session is led by an experienced, certified Fit Body Boot Camp personal trainer and is designed to be fun, supportive and challenging, while burning maximum fat, in minimum time*

  • Foundations Training Centre logo

    On October 11th, 2018 FTC will be hosting a full body bootcamp at 6 pm. All fitness levels and ages 16+ welcome. Cost is $10 and all proceeds will go to Seva for Sweat for Sight.

    Foundations Training Centre is a personal training business located in Kingston,Ontario. Specializing in women's weight loss programs, boot camps and nutritional counseling. These services can be done in the comfort of your home, workplace, or great outdoors. Whether you are trying to lose weight, improve your overall health or need a fresh approach to your training we have the program for you. We focus on conditioning your body from the inside out, so you look and feel great. We've got the tools you need to help you reach success. Let's start building your vision of health and wellness.

  • Groundwork Athletics logo

    Groundwork Athletics will be collecting donations for Seva in their gym throughout the month of October.

    Groundwork Athletics is one of Vancouver's premier personal training facilities, located in the heart of Downtown. At Groundwork Athletics you get training based on a solid educational foundation and years of on-the-floor experience. We believe in teaching movement. We want to help your body function optimally while at the same time challenging you and pushing you to improve your health & fitness. We are always creative and innovative in what we deliver while keeping you safe and working at a level that is appropriate for you. We believe in hard work, setting goals, and challenging our clients to achieve more than they ever thought possible. We always maintain a fun, positive, and rewarding environment.

  • Harbour Dance Centre Logo Sweat for Sight
    Established in 1985, Harbour Dance Centre is the hub of Vancouver’s dance scene. Their world-class faculty offers a variety of dance forms for adult dancers of all levels. Open 7 days a week with different classes every day, Harbour Dance Centre is the perfect choice for everyone from seasoned professionals to adult beginners. Be part of the dynamic dance experience in a fun, relaxed atmosphere! 927 Granville Street in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Halifax Yoga logo

    Halifax Yoga is hosting a children's yoga class and an adult spin class on October 13th at 12pm. All proceeds going to Seva Canada.

    Halifax Yoga is a community of people looking to live life to the fullest! With the belief that yoga and its experiences are for everyBODY, our weekly offerings include over 40 classes (yoga and spin) each week and we really do aim to offer something for everybody! We are committed to using yoga, movement, and meditation to access the highest good within each of us while supporting the highest good within each other. Our vision is that we have an entire community of individuals living their BEST lives and supporting others to do the same.

  • Sugar Swing logo
    Sugar Swing believes in having fun. We hold in high regard good swing music, a supportive community, caring social event organizers, and helpful, skilled instructors to further our students. We believe that everyone can dance, regardless of partner, age, gender, physique, and appearance. Socializing and community is integral to who we are, and we believe dancing should perfectly combine incredible music, art, and a fun atmosphere!
  • Tru Ride Logo

    Trū​ Ride will be hosting a Glow Bright and Tight Ride on September 28th.

    Trū Ride Cycle Studio is Edmonton's very first boutique spin studio.

    You sweat. You ride. You groove to some good tunes. Every cycling class is lead by a qualified instructor (or as we call them, “Trū Leaders”) who will guide you through a great workout to awesome beats. Classes are 50 minutes long, with 45 min of cardio and a 5 min cool down. It's the most fun you will have on a bike, plus you get a great workout out of it. Come ride with us in our beautiful space and connect with our wonderful community of riders.


  • Urban Fitness logo
    ​Urban Fitness Club is the best Vancouver fitness club where you can enroll in award-winning Bootcamps, kickboxing, TRX, kettlebell and other high-intensity classes.​
  • Yoga Santosha logo

    Yoga Santosha is holding a blindfolded yoga karma class to November 4th from 2-3:15. 

    At Yoga Santosha we believe that Yoga is all about community. Based in Calgary, Alberta, we offer a variety of yoga classes designed for all levels, along with yoga teacher training, workshops, retreats and complementary wellness services.

  • The Yoga Shala logo

    The Yoga Shala will donate funds from every class on Saturday at 1:15 pm in October.

    Since 2003, the Yoga Shala has been a special place fostering physical wellbeing, community and peace of mind to those seeking refuge from the stress and pressures of modern society. Their team of skilled teachers offer traditional and therapeutic yoga, focused on calming both mind and body.

  • Yoga in Bowness Logo

    Yoga in Bowness will be holding 3 karma classes in support of Sweat for Sight. Saturday September 29, 1:30-2:30pm; Saturday October 6, 1:30-2:30pm; Saturday October 27, 1:30-2:30pm

    Yoga in Bowness strives to keep yoga affordable, accessible, and approachable. In our welcoming, inclusive space, we offer an authentic yoga experience where everyone is inspired & supported in being true to themselves, and the teachings extend beyond the mat and physical postures, to have a positive impact in all areas of your life.

    With a wide variety of drop-in classes every day of the week, all times of day, you’ll find an approach that suits your changing needs. Our highly trained and experienced teachers are excellent at supporting individual needs within a group setting.

    Yoga for Everyone, and for a Better Community.

  • Yogalife Studios will be hosting a blindfolded yoga class, one at each studio, on Thursday, October 11th.

    Yogalife's vision is simple. Make it easy for anyone to experience the benefits that yoga has to offer. To achieve this, we created a first-class facility, hand-picked world-class instructors, and created an environment with spa-like amenities. For the experienced yogi, we offer a variety of challenging classes, inspiring workshops, retreats and opportunities to learn from master teachers. For beginners, we offer basic yoga classes that are accessible to all levels and workshops that explore the fundamentals of developing a strong practice. There is a broad world of yoga within our walls, waiting to be explored. Our goal is to make you fall in love with this entire life experience. Be part of our community and live the practice that will enhance your quality of life.

  • YogaJoy Logo

    YogaJoy is hosting a Yoga in the Dark on Sunday, October 14th @ 10:30. The class is by-donation with all proceeds going to Seva.

    Our goal is to provide the community with an inspiring and healing space where people are able to unfold themselves through the study and practice of yoga.

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