Most of the world’s 43 million people who are blind would be able to see again if they had access to eye care services. At Seva, we’re working hard to make this possible.

Each year, Seva-supported programs provide hundreds of thousands of people in low-and middle-income countries with access to eye care. By focusing on sustainable, community-driven projects that reach the most underserved populations, Seva helps communities establish life-changing eye care services that help people now and in the future. Learn more about our focus below.

Sight for Women and Girls

The majority of the world's blind are women and girls. In low- and middle-income countries, women and girls are far less likely to have access to eye care services because of the barriers they face. From lack of education and financial resources, to limited decision-making power, Seva Canada and our donors help women and girls overcome these barriers.

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Sight for Children

Around the globe an estimated 2 million children live with blindness, and each year another half million will lose their sight. Most of these kids live in areas of the world where even the most basic eye care services continue to be out of reach. Here's how Seva is helping to change this reality.

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At Seva, we look for solutions that will last. Our ultimate goal is for each program to become financially self-sufficient and no longer rely on donations or foreign support. This sustainable approach ensures communities are able to provide their people with on-going access to eye care.

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Sustainable eye care programs can only develop if there is training at every level of eye care – from the community health volunteer to the highly skilled ophthalmologist. Seva Canada funds a variety of strategic training initiatives to increase knowledge in low-income settings.

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Universal Access

As part of our work to reach the underserved, Seva brings high-quality eye care knowledge and resources to the farthest corners of the globe. By breaking down barriers to access, we work to ensure the power of sight is within everyone's reach.

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