Burundian Girl having Eyes Checked at a Community Eye Centre by Jean de Dieu Iradukunda

Community Eye Centre $500

Prevent blindness before it happens. Your donation will contribute toward a permanent Community Eye Centre. The Centre provides remote communities with year-round access to basic care covering 90% of all eye conditions and timely referrals to hospitals when surgery is needed.

Woman in Tanzania at a Community Eye Screening

Community Eye Screening $100

Give people in remote, rural areas access to eye care by contributing towards screening entire communities for eye disease.

Surgical Eye Camp in Nepal

Cataract Surgical and Treatment Camp $10,000

Fund an entire eye camp and provide life-changing cataract surgery, medicine and glasses to hundreds of people living in isolation with no other access to care.

Choose to give any amount you like to provide eye care for those in greatest need. With this gift you are restoring sight and preventing blindness in some of the poorest regions of the world through surgery, glasses, medicine, training, and outreach. We will put your gift to work where it is needed most.

Offerings $52

Powerful images by Brian Harris. Includes 4 donation cards and envelopes and a $45 tax receipt.

Transformations $52

Uplifting images by Ellen Crystal. Includes 4 donation cards and envelopes and a $45 tax receipt.

New Beginnings Greeting Card Set

Beginnings $25

A special set of 10 cards with envelopes featuring the amazing kids you help every day.

Gift of Sight Greeting Card1

Special Anniversary Greeting Card Set $20

A set of 8 cards with envelopes featuring the inspiring people we help every day.

Inspirations $20

A beautiful set of popular and iconic Seva photos by Ellen Crystal, Brian Harris, Jon Kaplan, Matt Marek, and Peter Mortifee. Suitable for many occasions.

Reflections $20

A wonderful set of popular pictures by Brian Harris. Suitable for many occasions.

Faces of Hope $20

These beautiful blank cards feature photographs by Jon Kaplan. Suitable for many occasions.

Perspectives $20

These stunning blank cards feature photographs by Ellen Crystal. Suitable for lots of occasions.