Permanent Community Eye Centre $500

Help prevent blindness before it happens. Your donation will contribute toward a permanent Community Eye Centre. The facility provides remote communities with year-round access to basic care covering 90% of all eye conditions and timely referrals to hospitals when surgery is needed.

Community Eye Screening $100

Give people in remote, rural areas access to eye care by contributing towards screening entire communities for eye disease.

Cataract Surgical and Treatment Camp $10,000

Fund an entire eye camp and provide life-changing cataract surgery, medicine and glasses to hundreds of people living in isolation with no other access to care.

Heartwarmers $52

Vibrant images by Jon Kaplan. Includes 4 donation cards and envelopes and a $45 tax receipt.

Offerings $52

Powerful images by Brian Harris. Includes 4 donation cards and envelopes and a $45 tax receipt.

Transformations $52

Uplifting images by Ellen Crystal. Includes 4 donation cards and envelopes and a $45 tax receipt.

Gift of Sight Greeting Card1

Special Anniversary Greeting Card Set $20

A set of 8 cards with envelopes featuring the inspiring people we help every day.

Inspirations $20

A beautiful set of popular and iconic Seva photos by Ellen Crystal, Brian Harris, Jon Kaplan, Matt Marek, and Peter Mortifee. Suitable for many occasions.

Reflections $20

A wonderful set of popular pictures by Brian Harris. Suitable for many occasions.

Faces of Hope $20

These beautiful blank cards feature photographs by Jon Kaplan. Suitable for many occasions.

Perspectives $20

These stunning blank cards feature photographs by Ellen Crystal. Suitable for lots of occasions.

2019 Seva Canada Calendar $25

A 13-month calendar featuring stunning photos by Rebecca Gaal. Proceeds from each sale go directly to restoring a person’s sight. Price includes shipping.