You can provide the power of sight and transform lives in low- and middle-income countries.

Whether you donate time or funds, your support will positively impact the lives of individuals and families. When you restore a person's sight, you do so much more! You also give access to education, employment and the foundation for a better, brighter and more productive life.


Donating to Seva supports critical, community-led programs that give sight to the most vulnerable people around the world. Your donations make a big impact as preventing and treating blindness is one of the most cost-effective ways to relieve suffering, reduce poverty and transform lives.

Ways to Donate


If you're interested in supporting Seva by donating your time and skills, we want to hear from you! From hosting fundraising events, to volunteering at our office or working overseas as a Sight Program volunteer, volunteers make our work possible.

Ways to Act


Seva sells a range of beautiful products, including baseball caps, greeting cards, and special Gift of Sight cards to raise funds to help provide people with healthy vision. By purchasing these items, you are helping to transform people’s lives by restoring sight and preventing blindness.

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Gift in Will

Your Will is the ultimate opportunity to make a lasting difference in the world, where it matters to you most. A gift in your Will to Seva Canada Society will change the lives of people who suffer from blindness in the most remote corners of the world. Your legacy is their vision.

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