Seva is extremely grateful to the many people who have been helping people with vision loss see again by holding fundraising events in their communities. 

Here's a list of some of the events that have taken place:

  • birthday parties for Seva
  • house concerts
  • bottle drives
  • dancer performances
  • slide shows
  • dinners and lunches
  • book readings and royalties

Here are some more ideas:

  1. Walk, bike, run or swim for Seva. Get your friends,family and colleagues to sponsor you and ask them to join you to really make a difference!
  2. Host a dinner, wine tasting or other meal. Why not make part of the evening a blind tasting. Ask your guests to make a donation that is equivalent or greater to what the meal would cost them in a restaurant. Then challenge your guests to host a dinner party of their own to keep paying it forward.
  3. Hold a sale for Seva — a garage sale, book sale, plant sale, bake sale. Why not organize your neighbours to make it bigger, poster your neighbourhood, advertise in your weekly papers and make it a community event that brings in hundreds of potential buyers.
  4. Sell Paperblanks journals for Seva. Hartley & Marks Publishers have generously donated thousands of beautiful blank journals to Seva which are sold at half of retail price for our sight programs. Note: They cannot be sold in locations that would compete with existing retailers. Visit the Seva office for an amazing selection and sell them on consignment for us.
  5. Hold a concert or performance for Seva. This is also a great opportunity to hold a silent auction to add to your fundraising revenue.
  6. Invent your own event or fundraising initiative. You've got the skills and talent to do something amazing!

Need some help getting started? We'd love to chat with you about your fundraising ideas and can provide you with a number of different resources to help you plan your event. 

For more information please call us at 604-713-6622 or toll-free 1-877-460-6622 or contact us.