Dear Seva Canada Supporters,

"It's all done with people" is a phrase that's been repeated over and over during our 40-year history. I heard it during my first Seva Canada Board Meeting in 2005 when I started as a volunteer. It's more than just a saying; it is the backbone of Seva Canada's success.

We have highlighted many people over the years who have contributed so much. In our 40th year celebration we want to thank, again, those who shared their skills, time, expertise and resources.

Thank you;

To all the experts who provided training to our programs: teaching surgical and management skills, research methodology, human resource processes and procedures; cost-recovery analysis, and population-based assessments of equity to ensure high-quality, sustainable programs that reach those most in need.

To our corporate partners, granting agencies and foundations, who generously fund our work and encourage others to do the same.

To the talented photographers and videographers who volunteer to capture Seva's work in the field with both brilliance and compassion so we can share the impact of your generosity with donors, funders and all Canadians.

To our office and home-based volunteers who make thank you calls. organize shipments, count inventory and keep the office running smoothly.

And finally, our sincerest thanks to all of you, our donors, who have given for years (some from our very first year) and new donors, who will continue to restore sight and prevent blindness for years to come.

Truly, it is all done with people. People just like you!


Penny Lyons, Executive Director

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