We are both delighted and honoured to be named one of the Absolute Top 99.5 Percentile Charities in Canada by Circle Acts. The Circle Acts Canada High Impact 400 charity list is managed by the Circle Acts Charity. The number 400 represents the top 99.5 percentile of all CRA registered charities in Canada, and the high-impact 400 represents the top 0.05% charities.

The list only includes charities that demonstrate impact­centric and transparency in their charitable operations based on a rating methodology which consists of qualitative and quantitative information.

99.5 Percentile Circle Acts Charity

Out of 85,000 charities registered with the Canadian Revenue Agency, we are one of only 270 organizations that made Circle Acts list as of June 2020!

Circle Acts' objective is to help donors filter out lower-impact charities and recommend those they believe bring impact. They do not compare causes to determine which ones are more important vs less important. They evaluate all charities in the same manner regardless of whether they are internationally-focused or local, scientific research-based or an art-focused charity. They just have one goal - which charities are bringing high-impact?

Thank you to our donors and supporters, partners and staff, for making this achievement possible! It really is all done with people!

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