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"I was really concerned for my daughter's future. If her eyes and vision weren't fixed she might do poorly in school and be bullied because of her appearance. I'm so happy and relieved that the glasses and surgery were successful. Thank you to everyone who helped my daughter!" - Arunny

Without healthy vision, kids are 3x more likely to fall behind in class, be bullied, and face social exclusion from their peers. 90% of children with vision loss live in low- and middle-income countries where access to eye screenings and glasses is limited. Two out of three children with vision impairment are girls. 

Children just like Sophara, a young girl from Siem Reap, Cambodia, whose family survives on her father’s income from his job at a gas station. When Sophara was one-year-old, her mother, Arunny, noticed her daughter’s eyes turned inward but didn’t take her to a doctor, fearing Sophara was too young and the treatment too expensive.

Ophthalmologist examining Sophara in Cambodia

Sophara, sitting in her mother's lap being examined by the ophthalmologist

When Sophara was 20 months old, a neighbour suggested to Arunny to bring her daughter to the Angkor Wat Hospital for Children. Concerned that Sophara would be unable to succeed in school and be bullied for her appearance, her mother agreed to take her to the hospital.

At the eye hospital, Sophara was diagnosed with strabismus (commonly referred to as crossed eyes), a condition where one or both eyes turn inward. The doctor prescribed glasses to help correct Sophara’s vision which she received free of charge, thanks to donors like you.

refractionist checking sophara's vision

Sophara having a check up with the refractionist to see if her vision improved from wearing her glasses

When Sophara was brought back to the hospital for a check-up, her refractive error had improved by 40%, all because of the glasses!

At 3 years old, Sophara's vision had improved enough for her to undergo surgery to fully correct her condition. Arunny is excited for Sophara to begin kindergarten this fall so she can learn, make friends, and dream about her future.

Sophara in her new glasses in Cambodia.jpg

Sophara in her new glasses.

You can help provide glasses to 2,000 kids in low-income countries this back-to-school season. A gift of just $25 can help 5 children just like Sophara see and succeed.


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