After 40 years of marriage, Sat Sari and her husband Kouoy Long’s love is still going strong. In a small village in Cambodia, they’ve worked together to raise four children while tending their farm. Their children and nine grandchildren all live nearby so they can spend time together as a family — sharing meals, celebrating special occasions, and just being a family.

However, Sat Sari and Kouoy Long had begun to feel like a burden to their family. Just two years ago, the couple who had done everything together for four decades, began to lose their vision together. Now, they had to rely on their children and grandchildren for help as their vision deteriorated.

"I have a lot of difficulty tending to my farm which we rely on for food. I used to love reading books but now I can’t see the letters clearly. I would love to be able to farm and read again,” said Kouoy Long.

Just last month, in January, a Seva field worker came to their village to do a community screening. At the screening, the couple were told that they both needed glasses to fix their vision loss, which could be provided by the nearby Samlot Community Eye Centre.

At the Community Eye Centre, they were examined and both were diagnosed with myopia (nearsightedness). Within an hour, each was given a new pair of prescription glasses funded by generous donors like you. And because they spend a lot of time outdoors on their farm, they chose to get transition lenses that darken in the sun to protect their eyes.

“I’m so excited to get my new glasses! I’m going to wear them every day so I can keep my eyes healthy and be independent. I can’t wait to go clean our home and work on our farm again!" – Sat Sari.

After putting on their new glasses and seeing each other clearly for the first time in years, Sat Sari and Kouoy Long held hands and smiled.


Cambodian Couple Sat Sari and Kouoy Long holding hands and wearing glasses

© John Judson

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