When we met Kebe at a screening camp in Adet, Ethiopia he was tired, but hopeful. He had just walked four hours by himself to the screening camp, all for the chance to see.

“I cannot express what I want to see – my family, my children, and the whole country!” - Kebe

Over the last couple of years, Kebe’s vision deteriorated and prevented him from farming to support his family and taking care of himself and their eight children and grandchildren. He lost his independence and hope for the future of his family. His wife looked after him as best as she could and relied on their children to help with the farming to make ends meet. “I was sad about my future because I was blind,” said Kebe.

Thankfully, one of his daughters heard about an upcoming screening camp and told her father about it. On the day of the camp Kebe didn’t tell anyone where he was going. He didn’t want to get his family’s hopes up or take them away from their vital work. He walked and walked along the blurry path using a stick to help him navigate the uneven ground until he reached the screening camp. 

There, Kebe was diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and told that his vision could be restored with surgery, free of charge. The next day Kebe, along with his daughter and brother, were transported to the hospital so he could undergo sight-restoring surgery. 



“I will be so happy if my father can see. Thank you Seva for your good deed. I hope my father lives forever.” – Kebe’s daughter

After Kebe’s bandage was removed, and he could see for the first time in years, everyone was thrilled; but no one more so than Kebe: “I can’t believe it, it is like a dream!”

This Father’s Day, make dreams come true and give the gift of sight in honour of the fathers in your life!

We will mail them a beautiful card that lets them know how their gift is providing the power of sight to those in need. To ensure your card arrives in time, please make your gift by June 8, 2020.

Prefer an ecard? Just type “ecard” along with your personalized message when you make your gift.

Your generosity today will help restore a person’s sight, someone just like Kebe, so they can help their community tomorrow.


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