The age of six can be a time of incredible discovery: Kids enter grade one, make friends, begin the process of learning to read, and start to explore the world with more independence. When Vireak entered grade one in 2019, it became apparent that he wasn't keeping up in class and had trouble seeing clearly.

Fortunately, Vireak's friend had recently begun to wear glasses and recommended the Eye Clinic at Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) in Siem Reap.

Mr. Sokhom from AHS measuring Vireak's visual acuity

AHC's Eye Clinic Manager, Mr. Moeurn Sokhom, testing Vireak's vision

At AHC, Vireak was diagnosed with "high myopia," a rare, inherited type of high-degree nearsightedness. The AHC's Eye Clinic Manager, Mr. Moeurn Sokhom, explained that "Vireak needs to wear glasses in order to see. Glasses will allow him to see objects clearly and help protect him against more vision loss. Thus, we encourage him to wear his glasses consistently and come for follow-up visits every six months to monitor his progression."

Mr. Sokhom from AHS measuring Vireak's visual acuity

AHC's Eye Clinic Manager, Mr. Moeurn Sokhom, testing Vireak's vision for his new prescription glasses

Vireak's parents were concerned they couldn't afford the glasses their son needed so desperately. They were grateful to learn that their son's glasses would be provided for free, thanks to Seva Canada donors. "I am very happy and relieved that there is help for kids with eye problems in Siem Reap. Without AHC, my child could have lost his sight," said his mother, Srey Neath.

Vireak wearing his new glasses with his mom in Cambodia

Since his first visit five years ago, Vireak's vision has greatly improved. Today, Vireak is an active 11-year-old who enjoys going to school, learning, and playing with his friends – just like other kids.

Thanks to Seva Canada donors, Vireak has a childhood that’s rich with visual discoveries — and hope for a successful and happy future!

You can provide help 5000 children just like Vireak with the opportunity to see and succeed this school year with a new pair of glasses!  

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