Being a kid can be tough, no matter where you live in the world. Some kids have it a lot tougher than others but dream of a brighter future.

Hery is one of those kids.

Madagascar Sight Story 1

10-year-old Hery. © Ellen Crystal Photography

He’s 10 years old and lives in a slum in Madagascar. His Grandma Lucie washes clothes to care for him and his little sister because their mom died of alcoholism when they were young. They can barely afford food, clothing and school fees, but the family somehow manages.

Hery works hard in school and is second in his class because his goal is to become a doctor. He always tries to help patch up injuries when other kids hurt themselves playing. He’s a natural and loves helping others.

Last year, his dream almost died. A classmate punched Hery, resulting in a traumatic cataract that robbed him of his vision in one eye. He bumped into furniture and struggled to read his schoolbooks and see the chalkboard. He couldn’t even join his friends playing soccer, his favourite sport.

Madagascar Sight Story 1

Hery recovering after surgery. © Ellen Crystal Photography

But thanks to the generosity of Seva Canada donors, Hery is going to have another chance at pursuing his dreams. In January 2015, his sight was restored with a 15-minute cataract surgery. When his eye patch was removed, Hery and his grandmother were ecstatic.

“He will be first in his class now!” said a beaming Grandma Lucie.

Madagascar Sight Story 1

Hery and his Grandma Lucie after surgery. © Ellen Crystal Photography

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