Dear Friend,

I wanted to let you know that Seva Canada is doing everything we can to keep our program staff, medical teams and patients safe and healthy. We have stopped all travel internationally and within-country and have postponed screening and surgical camps, training and all other activities that would require people to be in close proximity.  

Most medical personnel working with Seva Canada are now focused on providing support to their local hospitals and clinics in any way they can. Hospital beds and equipment are being reallocated to provide medical care to those in greater need. They are practicing ‘Seva’ – selfless service.

At Seva Canada, some of my team are working from home and some are in the office (at the requisite 2 meters apart). We are in daily contact with our international staff and partners and are prepared to offer any assistance we can. At this time, there is very little we can do for them.

As Canadians, we live in a country where our government and healthcare systems are able to react to this emergency. Unfortunately, in most of the low-income countries where we work, there is inadequate healthcare to deal with ongoing population needs let alone a global pandemic. 

To you, our donors, friends and supporters – stay well and stay in touch.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our programs.


Penny Lyons
Executive Director

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