Dear Seva Canada Supporters,

Vancouver recently hosted the world’s largest gender  equality conference – Women Deliver. Women Deliver is a global advocacy organization whose mission is to advocate for the health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women. 

The conference focused on using each individual’s power to fuel action toward gender equality and, at the end of the conference, asked each participant how they would use their power to further their own gender equality goals.

Women Deliver Harness Power image

The team at Seva Canada is committed to using our power to educate, influence and engage women and men about the importance of eye care for all. We will continue to advocate with government and policymakers in Canada and in our partner countries and we will work to educate funders and donors about the need for gender-sensitive strategies to reach those most in need of eye care.

At Seva Canada, we will use our power to engage with like-minded organizations so we can all become stronger. We  met with some of our ‘competitors’ at Women Deliver - Orbis Canada and the Fred Hollows Foundation - to discuss ways we could work together to reach our common goal of eliminating preventable blindness. Together with donors like you, we will continue to find ways over, under and through barriers that women and girls face accessing eye care and we will continue to make gender equity in the delivery of eye care a priority.

We know that when women and girls can see, they can succeed. And when more women and girls succeed, we all succeed.

An equal world is wealthier, healthier, more productive and more peaceful for everyone.

How will you use your power to create a future where no one – woman, man, child – is needlessly blind or visually impaired? 


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Penny Lyons, Executive Director

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