Col doing a therapy exercise

Col is a 9-year-old boy who knows firsthand what it’s like to grow up with vision problems. He had several significant, non-corrective issues with his eyes. His optometrist referred him for several months of vision therapy.

Col worked very hard to permanently improve several aspects of his sight, which included a considerable commitment to daily therapy sessions. His dedication not only helped his own eyesight, but also that of children in low-income countries around the world. That’s because as a motivational incentive, Col’s parents implemented a reward system where he earned $0.25 towards a donation to Seva Canada for every therapy exercise he completed.

Col’s positive attitude is an inspiration and through his determination, he has raised enough to provide 10 pairs of prescription glasses for children in need in Tibetan Areas of China and in Egypt!



Abby and presenting on Seva Canada

Abby, a young Seva Canada supporter, is an elementary school student raising awareness of Seva Canada’s mission to restore sight and prevent blindness in developing countries.

For a school assignment called “Project Give Back,” Abby’s teacher asked the class to present on a charity they felt passionately about. Abby chose Seva Canada because she “wears glasses and contact lenses but some people need extra help with their eyes” and recognizes not everyone is as fortunate as her in getting help with their eyesight.

Abby’s presentation included an interactive activity that simulated what it is like to have cataracts, giving her classmates a sense of the reality of those suffering from blindness and vision impairment around the world.


UglyFace Sunglasses

UglyFace Sunglasses

UglyFace Sunglasses is a company brought to life by a group of Bachelor of Commerce students from Royal Roads University.

The students were challenged to apply their entrepreneurship skills to create a business tied into a charitable cause as part of a class project called the Online Venture Challenge. UglyFace is an online store selling fashionable sunglasses, and during the month of February, 100% of their proceeds went to Seva Canada. Their name challenges the fashion industry's views on beauty, and does so with a little sass. By using strategic marketing practices to drive sales, the students were able to generate $470 in revenue, which they donated toward Seva’s eye care work in lowincome countries.

UglyFace Sunglasses won the Online Venture Challenge and the students have decided to continue their business beyond the class project. Because they are passionate about giving back, they have kept Seva as the beneficiary and will be donating a portion of proceeds going forward.

You can visit UglyFace Sunglasses at