Yael & Aliya 

Yael and Aliya Inspiring Seva Donors

Yael and Alya presenting their Seva project.

When Yael and Aliya’s teacher assigned their class a special charity project, the girls chose to learn about Seva Canada and the issue of treatable blindness. 

“We love that we got to experience how the world looks for someone with cataracts before they get surgery. And it was fascinating to hear how $50 can change someone's life through the power of sight! It’s amazing how many people Seva helps even though it’s a small organization.”

After interviewing Seva’s staff, Yael and Aliya advocated for a portion of funds raised by their class to go towards supporting Seva’s international eye care work. Their efforts resulted in a donation of $1,350, enough to restore the sight of 27 adults!


Clearly Inspiring Seva Donor

Clearly is Canada’s #1 online eyewear retailer and offers the largest selection of contact lenses, eyeglasses and sunglasses. They are also a new corporate partner of Seva Canada's!

Clearly’s mission is to improve lives by improving sight, a cause they are committed to locally and globally. Recently, the company donated proceeds from a friends-and-family sale to support Seva’s school-screening program in Cambodia.

"Seva and Clearly share a common purpose to eradicate poor vision in the world. There are still 2.5 billion people across the globe that cannot afford good vision and we are proud and happy to join forces with such a great partner to tackle this issue."

So far, Clearly’s gift has helped train 37 school teachers to do vision testing and identify students with eye conditions so they can get the treatment they need and deserve. Thank you Clearly for being part of the solution!

Pat Hogue

Pat Hogue Inspiring Seva Donor

Pat Hogue with some of her delicious artisan bread!

When Pat retired in 2011, she set herself a goal of learning to make artisan bread. When she reached that goal, she set another one in 2012 – to raise $300 for Seva Canada by holding bread-making workshops in exchange for donations. It seemed like a stretch at the time, but Pat was confident her passion for Seva’s work would help to inspire others. 

Fast forward to 2019 and Pat is close to reaching an even bigger goal - $25,000 in funds raised! In the past seven years, she has hosted 73 Dough for $$$Dough$$$ workshops and 273 bakers in her kitchen in Winnipeg, raising enough to restore the sight and transform the lives of nearly  
500 people!

“I am very, very happy to do what I do. I know that it's appreciated by the staff at Seva and, most of all, by people who will never know my name or know about how I went about helping them. It makes my heart happy to do this. 

This is my Seva.”

To follow Pat’s progress, please visit her fundraising page at http://bit.ly/DoughForDough

Sight Stories and News

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