The Bhandal Family

Balwant and Gogi Bhandal celebrating 40 years of marriage

Balwant and Gogi Bhandal celebrating 40 years together!

The Bhandal family from Brampton, Ontario held a celebration to commemorate their parents’ 40th wedding anniversary and decided to donate to Seva as party favours for their guests.

“Growing up, our parents have always instilled the importance of seva, gratitude and giving back to those who are less fortunate. We felt favours in the form of Seva cards and gifts of eyesight would be the perfect representation of these attributes.”

- Navneet Bhandal, daughter

The family’s generosity restored the sight of 6 adults and provided glasses for 50 people in India.

Zachary Gardiner

Zachary and Rosalie dressed as superheros with Seva Canada hats

Zachary and his sister Rosalie

5-year-old Zachary is on a mission to pay it forward after being diagnosed and treated for cataracts last year. Grateful for his newly restored sight, Zachary set aside some of his chore money in a jar for “the kids that can’t get cataract surgery” and raised $150 to restore the sight of a child in a developing country. But Zachary didn’t stop there; he set his sights on a bigger goal – to help 100 children see!

Zachary and his family have since ramped up their fundraising efforts, hosting by-donation adult and children's yoga classes, donating proceeds from their Arbonne children’s sunscreen sales, and held a BBQ and car wash. His efforts caught the attention of CTV Atlantic News, who featured Zachary’s story on-air in July. So far, Zachary has raised enough to restore the sight of 22 kids and doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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