Dear Seva Canada Supporters,

At Seva Canada we often say, “It’s all done with people.” This phrase, while simple, is far from simplistic. A young father named Sameer, blind from cataract in both eyes, receives sight-restoring surgery.

Who helped him along the way?

Certainly the ophthalmologist, nursing staff, and other medical personnel who were responsible for his surgery, recovery and all of the details associated with high-quality care.

Supporting the surgical staff in the hospital are orderlies, maintenance workers, food services, technicians, and pharmacists.

Seva medical personnel

Primary healthcare workers travel to remote and rural regions, like Sameer’s village, to screen, diagnose, and treat patients. And, because we know that one of the biggest challenges is getting people to go to a facility for treatment, they also counsel patients to accept Seva’s help in accessing eye care. Without counselling, it is likely Sameer would have stayed in his village, unable to help support his family or contribute to his community.

Seva Canada’s dedicated local staff and partners identify and train qualified personnel at all levels of eye care. They also create effective community-based ophthalmology programs to ensure access to high-quality care for all patients, no matter how poor.

Volunteers with experience and expertise from every sector and from every corner of the globe give their time in Seva’s office and in the field.

Researchers, who study everything from eye care needs in populations to the most effective strategies to deliver the care, provide the evidence to assess what is needed and what works.

Donors, of all ages and ethnicities, from Port Alberni, BC to St. John’s, NFLD and beyond, fund Seva Canada’s sight-restoring work with enthusiasm and compassion.

To all of Seva’s people, and on behalf of the people we serve, thank you!

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Penny Lyons, Executive Director