For Lin Seouth cooking for her children and grandchildren was dangerous.

Four months ago, Lin Seouth began to steadily lose her vision, her everyday tasks becoming harder and harder. She started cooking by taste because she kept confusing salt and sugar. She began to constantly burn her hands. Her children stepped in and forced her to stop before she injured herself severely. Lin has four children as well as grandchildren to care for her, but during the harvest season they are in the fields and she is left alone, unable to provide for them or fend for herself.

2/3 of the world’s blind are women like Lin, who go blind and due to economic or social barriers, are unable to access the care they need.

Cambodia Sight Story

Lin and her grandson

Then Lin’s son-in-law heard about Seva’s work and brought her to an eye screening where Lin was diagnosed with cataracts, and easily treatable condition. Lin was terrified of the cataract surgery as she had never had any type of surgery before.

Lin was transported to the eye hospital by Seva for surgery. After her bandages were removed she was so excited to be able to see everything again. When she got home from the eye hospital she was surprised to see how much her grandchildren had grown since she last saw them clearly. Lin could not wait to cook a meal for her family again.

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