Drew has been an avid Seva Canada supporter since he was just 7 years old. Over the years, Drew has found many creative ways to raise funds for Seva by collecting bottles, presentations at his school, selling calendars and encouraging friends and family in his hometown of Kimberly, BC to support Seva. Having recently graduated from high school, Drew once again saw an opportunity to give back and selflessly asked his family and friends to donate to Seva in lieu of graduation gifts. 

Drew Lyall at age 18, standing with camera around his neck

Drew today (18 years old) © Brian Clarkson

We talked with Drew and asked him about his passion and dedication to fundraising to give the power of sight to those in need.

Q: What motivated you to fundraise for Seva Canada for your graduation?
Drew: I know how hard it can be to decide what to get for someone for this kind of occasion and I also know how good it feels to help others, so it made perfect sense to use this opportunity to generate some funds for Seva. By doing this, I was able to help many people help Seva, which for me, is much more fulfilling than a bunch of gifts that I probably didn't really need!

Q: Why do you support Seva?
Drew: Contributing to an organization like Seva gives me such a positive feeling because I know that in a really straightforward, tangible way, I am making the world a better place. I believe that it is important for those who are more fortunate to share with those who are less so, and I think everyone can find a way to do that.

Q: What is your favourite memory from supporting Seva over the years?
Drew: One memory that is very special is when my childhood best friend, after learning about the fundraising that I was doing, decided to ask everyone to forego gifts for his birthday and instead make donations to Seva. I am especially inspired by the generosity that young children show when they are given the opportunity to give.

A letter Drew sent to Seva that says to keep up the good work

The letter Drew sent to Seva with his first donation in April 2006

Q: What advice do you have for other young people who want to make a difference in the world?
Drew: If you are thinking about getting involved, just do it. The hardest part is getting started, but it is so worth it. If you can’t afford to donate, you can reach out to the organization and ask about opportunities for volunteering. Another option is to use your time to raise funds for the organization. Bake sales, garage sales, or my personal favourite, bottle drives, are a great way to turn your time into money.

Drew age 8 with bottles he collected for Seva

8-year-old Drew with bottles he collected in 2007

Drew’s fundraising has trained a surgeon in the Tibetan Areas of China and restored the eyesight of 5 children and over 60 adults. Thank you Drew for your many years of generous support and congratulations on your graduation! We know you are going to do amazing things!

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