Last month, Seva Canada donors sponsored an eye camp in the remote area of Latinath Darchula in northwestern Nepal. 36 people from surrounding villages had their sight restored, all thanks to generous donors like you. Manmati Dhami was one of these people.

Seventy-five-year-old Manmati lives in a remote village with her son, daughter-in-law, and 4 grandchildren.  They earn a living as goat herders, making wool clothing to sell in the local market

5 years ago when Manmati started to lose her vision it became increasingly difficult for her to weave the wool and help her family with their business.

Manmati before her operations, looking at camera with blank expression on her face

Manmati before her cataract operation

As she went blind, Manmati found it difficult to even complete daily tasks such as cooking or bathing. She became highly dependent on her son and daughter-in-law for all of her basic needs.

When Manmati’s son heard about an upcoming Seva-sponsored eye camp on the radio, he was determined to take his mother, in hopes of having her vision restored. They set off by foot, Manmati’s son guiding her step by step through the arduous mountain terrain for one and a half days to reach the eye camp.

patients waiting in line for registration at the eye camp

Patients waiting in line to register at the Latinath Darchula eye camp

Upon arrival, Manmati was diagnosed with operable cataracts and received sight-restoring surgery, along with 35 other Nepalis.

Manmati looking at camera smiling after cataract surgery

Manmati, happy to be able to see the world around her again after her sight-restoring surgery

When her bandages were removed, Manmati couldn't help but smile as she opened her eyes to see the world around her for the first time in years. She could not wait to see her grandchildren, to be able to work again, and complete daily tasks with confidence and ease.

Manmati expressed her immense gratitude to the Seva Canada donors who gave her back her sight. On behalf of Manmati and everyone who had their sight restored, thank you for giving them the power of sight.

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