The idea that I might lose my vision made me realize how valuable sight is,” said Laurent. 

Laurent Perras, an English professor and member of Seva Canada's monthly donor community ForSight, knows the importance of healthy vision firsthand. Laurent has a progressive disorder called pseudoxanthoma elasticum, or PXE for short. PXE causes calcium and other minerals to accumulate in the elastic fibers of the skin, eyes, and blood vessels, which can result in reduced vision. 

Laurent Perras Seva Monthly Donor

Laurent Perras

Laurent was grateful to receive the costly PXE treatment free of charge in Canada, and wanted to pay it forward. When his ophthalmologist recommended he get involved with a vision charity, he began researching several organizations. Laurent decided Seva Canada, with its programs that impact disadvantaged individuals even in the remotest communities, was the best choice. “I know what it's like to be fearful of losing this vital sense, and I recognize that I am extremely fortunate to have consistent support from top eye specialists. It gives me great comfort to know that eye care intervention is available for people who do not have or cannot afford care, before more serious eye problems occur. Saving someone's sight gives that person a safer, freer world.”

In 2014, Laurent became a ForSight donor so he could make an impact every single month. “Donating every month makes me feel like I’m making a small difference. It’s simply amazing that a 15-minute cataract procedure can change someone’s life.” 

“Donating every month makes me feel like I’m making a small difference. It’s simply amazing that a 15-minute cataract procedure can change someone’s life.” 

Laurent also enjoys reading Seva’s inspiring stories of people who have been given the power of sight. “I’m always deeply moved by the stories of socially-vulnerable children. It's heartbreaking to think about children who don't have access to eye care. But then you read one of Seva Canada’s stories [about a child who has been helped] and it's really heartwarming.” 

Baby Jojo in Burundi sitting in mother's lap being examined by ophthalmologist by Jean de Dieu

Baby Jojo in Burundi during a cataract surgery post-op exam

Thank you, Laurent, for your ongoing monthly support. Because of your generosity, people in low- and middle-income countries will continue to receive the precious gift of sight – and hope for a brighter future.

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