Kandel as a young man leading a deaf, blind and mute woman to an eye screening

Kandel as a young man leading a deaf, blind and mute woman to an eye screening

Your journey with Seva began by walking ancient trails in the highlands of a land so beautiful, troubled and poor. 

We cried together watching children in rags playing in the dirt, so thin and with flies covering their faces.
We visited villages perched on hillsides where houses emptied, so grateful to welcome you back.
We helped you teach eye care professionals to work outside clinic walls and beyond city streets.
We celebrated as fewer and fewer people in the hills needlessly became blind. 

We celebrated as more and more people in remote regions received care.
Thank you for spending an uncountable number of difficult days far away from your family.
Thank you for devoting your life to helping people the world has left behind.
Kandel, our friend, my friend, long may our journey together continue. 

Dr. Ken Bassett
Seva Canada Program Director

After 25 years of service, Seva Nepal Program Director, Ram Prasad Kandel, stepped down in January 2023. Please join us in thanking Kandel and wishing him the very best for what is to come. 

Penny, Kandel, and Ken hiking to Bajura by Deanne

Penny Lyons, Ram Prasad Kandel, and Dr. Ken Bassett hiking to Bajura to inaugurate a Community Eye Centre in 2013


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