Dear Seva Canada Community,

Seva Canada Executive Director Liz Brant

It has been a joy reconnecting with the Seva community over my first few months as Seva Canada’s new Executive Director. I’ve enjoyed learning about everything you’ve accomplished in the years since I was Seva’s Development Director. I am in awe of how you have grown Seva Canada, funded countless surgeries, glasses and medicines, and strengthened our eye care programs to be even more robust and resilient. 

I also learned my new responsibilities included introducing you to the theme of our spring newsletter – The Recipe for Success. I knew we’d have great information to share with you, but also that I’d personally have trouble holding back the puns – so please forgive me in advance! 

In this newsletter you'll learn the key elements or “ingredients” needed to set up an eye care program for success, from how we choose where we work, to who we partner with, to best practices in program delivery.

Now, every good cook needs to use what’s fresh in the local marketplace, and Seva Canada is no different. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in eye care – the culture, geography, local health care systems and prevalent eye health concerns can look very different from country to country. Strategies that work in Nepal, for example, may not make sense in Tanzania. This is why our method is to support our local in-country partners to decide how to deliver care in the most effective way in their country. 

And when our key ingredients and method come together, who provides the fuel that actually gets things cooking? Our Seva Canada donor community, of course! Through your donations, fundraising efforts, volunteerism, and product purchases, Seva donors nourish our programs and make them thrive. 

Please enjoy our spring newsletter. I hope it provides food for thought about how your support sustains effective eye care programs – helping people see today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

Liz Brant
Executive Director

Read the full 2023 Spring Newsletter by clicking on this link

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