"Preeti, why are you being so lazy?! You are still not paying attention in class!" scolded her teacher.

Embarrassed for being called out in class again, 7-year­-old Preeti just wants to go home. She doesn't think she is as smart as her classmates who don't get reprimanded in class and get better grades than her. The only reason Preeti likes to go to school is to play with her friends.

Preeti and her best friend in Nepal

Preeti (R) and her best friend (L)

Preeti lives with her mother and brother in the Dhanusa District of Nepal. Her father left their village to find work in the Middle East to support the family. Preeti's family knows the value of a good education for Preeti's future and encourage her to go to school even when she protests.

Thankfully, the Seva Youth Outreach Team visited her school to facilitate free eye screenings for the students and teachers. Preeti had never had her eyes or vision examined before. To her and her teacher's surprise, she was diagnosed with farsightedness and was prescribed glasses. Her teacher was astonished that Preeti wasn't lazy, she just couldn't see the lessons on the blackboard!

Now, thanks to your support, Preeti is sure that her new glasses will help her improve her concentration and performance in class and she will start liking school!

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