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“It would not have been possible to get my eyesight back without Seva and the Banteay Meanchey Eye Unit team."  - Mong


Mong, a 61-year-old single mother lives in a remote village in Cambodia. Her daughter Chin works in Phnom Penh, the capital city, to earn money to support the family while Mong cares for her two granddaughters.

Two years ago Mong began to go blind. She not only lost her sight but her confidence as well. She no longer wanted to walk outside by herself and had difficulty cooking, doing housework, and taking care of the livestock. Everyday activities became impossible.

Mong’s granddaughters had to look after her and the household. They started missing school and falling behind in class. Mong was devastated that her visual impairment was stopping her granddaughters from succeeding in school. She knew a good education was the key to a better future for the girls and the family. And then COVID-19 came to Cambodia.

Mong knew she needed medical help for her eyesight but was afraid of catching COVID and would not travel to the hospital. Even if she could, she didn’t know if her sight could be improved or if she could afford the care.

Thankfully, after receiving her vaccinations, a visiting relative informed Mong about the free eye care services available at the Banteay Meanchey Eye Unit and gave her the phone number of a Seva field worker. Mong’s daughter Chin spoke with the field worker and made the arrangements for free transportation to the hospital, 150km away. At the Eye Unit Mong was examined by the ophthalmologist and diagnosed with cataracts.

Dr. Sorina post-op eye examination on Mrs. Loeng in Cambodia

Dr. Sorina providing Mong Leong with an eye examination

Thanks to donors like you, Mong received sight-restoring surgery, free of charge! 

“I am happy that I will no longer disturb the studies of my granddaughters. I am confident that I can do my personal work; I can do household works; feed and take care animals and will earn money.” - Mong

Now Mong can go back to caring for her granddaughters and they can go back to school and fulfill their potential!  

Mrs. Leong in Cambodia post-op namaste hands

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