Spring 2019 Inspiring Seva Donors

Danny Peart

Danny Peart

Danny is a writer and long-time Seva Canada supporter.

Last March, Danny hosted an evening of poetry, music and chocolate, to raise funds for Seva. Danny read from his new collection of poems, titled Another Mountain to Climb, at the Chocolate Arts Café in Vancouver. He was supported by Peter Hnik on guitar and Jacques Khouri on bass.

Tickets were $20 and all proceeds went to Seva Canada. The well-attended event brought in $1,020 plus an additional match by a generous donor for a total of $2,040 in funds raised!

Danny’s efforts and dedication helped give the power of sight to 41 people through life-changing cataract surgery! Thank you Danny for your loyal support!

Danny will be hosting another fundraiser for Seva at Chocolate Arts Café on March 27th, 2019. Please see bit.ly/dannypeart for more details.



Sam is a 10-year-old boy who knows firsthand what it’s like struggle with eye problems. Sam wears glasses and has Coats disease in his left eye; he has undergone two successful surgeries and been to many appointments with his ophthalmologist and optometrist. Sam and his family feel that he is very lucky and are grateful that his eyes have been cared for by an amazing team of eye care professionals.

The treatment Sam received has motivated him to help children in other countries have access to the same high-quality eye care he did. After visiting the Seva office, Sam decided that Seva was the perfect fit to collaborate with to hold a fundraiser. Sam set out to raise $500 and within a week he had already reached his goal.

Sam raised enough to provide 100 kids with glasses! Way to go Sam!

Sam says his next step in fundraising is to form a club at his school that will contribute to Seva.



Wyld Coffee

Wyld Coffee


Wyld Coffee is a brand of premium, fair trade, certified organic coffees that consumers can purchase online and have delivered directly to their doorsteps on a subscription plan or as a one-time purchase. Wyld’s mission is to create partnerships with Canadian charities such as Seva where consumers can turn their daily ritual of drinking coffee at home into a way to contribute to a cause close to their heart

Not only do they make great coffee, but your purchase can help restore sight and prevent blindness. When you purchase a bag, select Seva Canada at checkout and Wyld will donate $2 to our international eye care programs!

Purchases can be made on their website: wyldcoffeeco.com






Proud parents Sarah and Matt were delighted at the birth of their son Henry in September 2017. But when Matt noticed Henry’s left pupil was cloudy, the first time parents feared for their son’s vision.

Within a few weeks, Henry was diagnosed with a Persistent Fetal Vasculature (PFV) congenital cataract: a developmental anomaly where the vessel that helps the eye develop during pregnancy doesn’t dissolve as it should. Sarah and Matt were told their baby could only see light through his left eye and would require corrective surgery.

At only 9 weeks old, Henry underwent an operation to remove the cataract. He now wears a contact lens every day, as well as a patch over his healthy eye for three hours a day; both of which have proven challenging for the spirited toddler’s parents! In time, when his eye is fully developed, Henry will have another surgery to insert an intraocular lens.

Sarah and Matt are grateful for the high-quality eye care Henry received and the knowledge that their son will have healthy vision for life. In lieu of gifts for Henry’s first birthday, the couple raised money for Seva so children in low-income countries can have access to the same care.

Thank you Sarah, Matt and Henry for your generous support!

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