For centuries, Tibetans have lived in and travelled freely throughout the high Himalayan regions bordering the relatively recently established countries of China and Nepal. A large portion of the Nepali/Tibetan population remain isolated in remote mountainous regions receiving few health care services, including eye care.

Nepalese woman

Nepalese woman  ©Ellen Crystal

More and more, with increased Nepali government support and improved transportation, Seva Nepal has extended its network of Community Eye Centres (CECs) to provide permanent, year-round services to the remote, predominantly Tibetan population.

Tibetan Woman Wearing Traditional Jewelry and Clothing Giving Thumbs Up
Tibetan woman ©Nyima Yongsam

This year, with your generosity, Seva Canada will support the establishment of a Community Eye Centre in Tharpu, in partnership with two primarily Tibetan rural municipalities - Taplejung and Pachthar.

Staffed by local ophthalmic personnel, trained by Seva and equipped with sophisticated examination and refraction equipment, the Tharpu Community Eye Centre will provide diagnosis and treatment of most eye conditions, including glasses and medicine. People with more severe conditions will receive a tele-ophthalmology consultation for further treatment with the ophthalmologist in Itahari.

With your support, Seva Canada plans to create a network of CECs in Tibetan regions of Nepal to reach the unreached.

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