Four-year-old twin boys, Sharuk and Suhail Sherif, live in India with their mother and father.

During a free eye screening at their school, the medical team came across the boys who were rather quiet and withdrawn compared to the rest of the boisterous children running around. The team screened the twins and discovered that both boys suffered from congenital cataracts in both eyes. It didn’t just limit their vision, it limited their future.

Already struggling to meet the family’s basic needs, their parents were heartbroken when they learned their sons could go blind without surgery—a surgery they couldn’t afford. Sharuk and Suhail's parents were never able to go to school and receive an education so they were excited to send their twin to school. The boys were the family's hope for the future.

Luckily, Seva Canada donors covered the cost of the boys’ cataract surgeries and long-term follow-up care, including glasses. A donation of $150 can cover life-changing cataract surgery for a child in need.

Today, the twins are happy and healthy. And their parents are beaming – relieved to have two playful, rambunctious boys on their hands. The family is filled with newfound hope and optimism—all because of the generosity of Seva donors.

Sharuk and Suhail Twins Seva Canada

Sharuk and Suhail with their parents.

Early diagnosis and treatment – ideally before the age of 5 or 6 – is crucial to ensuring good vision for life. Without proper care, kids like them would struggle to finish school, be dependent on a caregiver, and face difficult, life-long challenges.

No child should be left to suffer from treatable blindness. Seva donors have the power to help provide sight to a child in need.

Children who have their vision restored are given an average of 50 years of sight. Thank you for helping kids like Sharuk and Suhail see. 

Sharuk and Suhail Twins Seva Canada

Sharuk and Suhail recovering from cataract surgery.

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