Children are Blind
Around the globe an estimated 2 million children live with blindness, and each year another half million will lose their sight. Most of these kids live in areas of the world where even the most basic eye care services continue to be out of reach. Here's how Seva is helping to change this reality.

Seva is working hard to serve hundreds of thousands of children living with blindness because kids who have their sight restored are given an average of 50 years of sight.

Blindness in childhood leads to a lifetime of low-self-esteem, low educational attainment, low productivity and dependency. Blindness and low vision also affect families and communities for generations as the loss of productivity drives families deeper into poverty.

However, treating children can be more challenging than adults because their care requires general anesthetic, expensive equipment and long-term follow-up care. This is why Seva Canada and our donors are dedicated to the expansion of pediatric eye care services around the globe.

Seva-funded pediatric programs start with outreach into poor and remote communities. Once children who are blind are identified, the team arranges surgery at the nearest hospital offering pediatric ophthalmology. Families are given transportation, accommodation and food during this time. Meanwhile, parents receive counselling and a long-term follow-up program to ensure children have healthy vision for life.

Children who have their sight restored will benefit from a lifetime of opportunities that come with good vision. They can play with friends, succeed in school, and pursue their dreams.