"It's all done with people" is a saying that Seva has embodied since we began.

Seva’s aim is to create programs run by local people who have both the clinical knowledge to provide high-quality eye care and the skills to train others. Program staff have the capacity to effectively manage the program themselves, and the leadership capability to motivate their team, set the program's direction and plan for change.

Seva Canada funds a variety of strategic training initiatives to increase knowledge in low- and middle-income countries. These include:

  • Primary eye care for nurses and ophthalmic assistants
  • Ophthalmology scholarships for doctors
  • Modern cataract surgical techniques and subspecialties such as glaucoma and corneal transplants for ophthalmologists
  • Community-based training to identify eye conditions among vulnerable populations, including women and children

By investing in training, we help ensure that people receive life-changing eye care now and in the long term. Through this approach, trainees become trainers, hospitals become teaching institutions, and the knowledge within the country continues to renew itself. It’s an investment with a ripple effect for generations to come.