million people worldwide are blind
As part of our work to reach the underserved, Seva brings high-quality eye care knowledge and resources to the farthest corners of the globe. By breaking down barriers to access, we work to ensure the power of sight is within everyone's reach.

With over three decades of experience working in some of the most remote areas of the world, we know that partnering with trusted community members and creating a permanent presence is essential to reaching people who would otherwise remain needlessly blind or visually impaired.

At Seva, we are dedicated to universal access to eye care and ensuring those who wouldn’t typically have access to high-quality care, receive the attention and treatment they need. 

By creating permanent Community Eye Centres, we are able to employ highly-trained eye care personnel, provide diagnostic equipment and supply drug and minor surgical treatments.

At the same time, local eye care staff work with teachers, train volunteers, and educate people so they become champions for eye care. By mobilizing a broad team of eye care supporters, communities become better aware of eye diseases and how to utilize Seva’s eye care services in the area.

Breaking down barriers to access is crucial to ensuring the power of sight is within everyone’s reach.