Bringing Life-Changing Treatments to the Blind in India | National Geographic

“The world is invisible to the blind people, but at the same time the blind people withdraw themselves from their surroundings and make themselves invisible. Unless the people who are sighted actively try to find them, they will remain in the dark.” – Dr. Asim Kumar Sil

Watch an eye opening video by National Geographic on how Dr. Asim Kumar Sil, a Seva partner in India, is helping to reach people in need of eye care on the Sundarbans - a beautiful and dangerous patchwork of mangrove islands in West Bengal. Dr. Asim began his career studying under Dr. Venkataswamy (Dr. V), founder of Aravind Eye Care System in India and founding member of Seva. "I was very fortunate to have had Dr. V as my teacher. It was while working at Aravind that I came to learn about Seva,” shares Dr. Asim.