Healthy Vision is Vital to Healthy Aging - Chamsuri's Story

Well into her seventies, Chamsuri, a vital and active grandmother in rural Nepal has never slowed down. At the heart of a large, bustling family, she tended the animals, worked the fields, cooked meals, and helped care for her grandchildren. Until one day, she began to lose her vision. Life became much harder. Before, her family had depended on her, now she depended on them. Watch how Chamsuri's life is changed by the generosity of Seva Canada donors for just $50!

Video transcript


Healthy vision is vital to healthy aging.

Millions of people could be cured of blindness if they had access to care.

Chamsuri, a once vital and active grandmother in Nepal, went blind from cataracts.

Before, her family had depended on her, now she depended on them.

And because they lived in poverty in a low-income country, access to eye care was beyond their reach. 

Then Seva Canada donors restored her sight.

Now she can see and be independent.

She can care for herself and her grandchildren.

Her family doesn’t have to worry that she will stumble and fall.

She can age with dignity and joy.

90% of people with treatable blindness live in low-income countries.

This holiday season, you can give the gift of sight for just $50. Donate by December 31st and double your impact!